2018 FIFA World Cup — Germany

Germany Won the Title of FIFA Team of the Year before Brazil and Portugal

At the end of 2017, Germany has become the FIFA Team of the Year for their top ranking and consistent outstanding performances among many strong teams. FIFA unveils its all ranking for December on Thursday. There are few changes on the top ranking for merely 41 top-level international matches were played.

Within numerous national football teams, Germany national football team, Joachim Low’s world champions, remain comfortably ahead of the runner-up Brazil and the second runner-up Portugal. Germany surpasses the former Team of The Year Argentina, and wins the accolade with unremitting efforts. Belgium took the top ranking at the end of 2015.

In the last five months out of the last six, Germany wrote a perfect qualifying record for 10 wins out of 10, guaranteeing the top ranking of Germany national football team for four consecutive months. Due to superb feats of Denmark national football team and eminent performances in playoff, Denmark side won the Mover of the Year with the best points improvement over the 12 months.

The Latest Top 20 FIFA Ranking

1. Germany

2. Brazil

3. Portugal

4. Argentina

5. Belgium

6. Spain

7. Poland

8. Switzerland

9. France

10. Chile

11. Peru

12. Denmark

13. Colombia

14. Italy

15. England

16. Mexico

17. Croatia

18. Sweden

19. Wales

20. Netherland

Germany publishes World Cup Base in the Vicinity of Moscow

Germany has taken a plot as their training ground out of the Russian capital Moscow to prepare for the next year’s World Cup in Russia. There winners of the last FIFA World Cup are among those teams who have taken a training ground in Sochi. So, many teams imitate and adopt this suggest one by one for better adapting local environment. However, they announced they will instead choose the base in the vicinity of Russian capital on Friday. The base is 45-minute away from the Luschniki Stadium. They will host the first group match against Mexico on June 17, 2018.

“It is a difficult decision because of amazing experience in Sochi at the Confed Cup”, Joachim Low said, the head coach of Germany national football team. He added, “We will create ideal conditions for the success of 2018 FIFA World Cup. On the training ground, we can adjust our strategies according to specific conditions and rejuvenate in the remote bass.”

Germany side also published their agenda for Their World Cup Preparations

The holders of world cup will arrive Italy from May 23, and a friendly will be held against Austria in Klagenfurt on June 2. It’s said that German football stars will earn €350k bonuses for defending World Cup. In the previous matches, football players will not receive bonuses; the condition has been changed since the Nationalmannschaft reach the quarterfinals, the German FA (DFB) published.

In the event that they won the title they have won in Brazil, each member will get €350,000. Each player will receive €200,000 if they were defeated in the final; each will get €150,000 if they won the second runner-up; every player will be rewarded with €125,000 if they appeared in semifinal while there will be only €75,000 if they were defeated in quarter-final. 

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